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Design, Hosting, Consulting

Marketing Your Business

We at Amminist Technology believe your business deserves to go viral! We want consumers shouting from the rooftops about your company! That is why we added a marketing department to our company. We offer a logo service where we will identify your niche and create the perfect logo to represent who you are and what…
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Check Out Our Latest Project!

We’ve been working hard on several projects. Check out the latest one that we’ve completed for Gnu Brothers Offroad The Gnu-Matic system allows inflation or deflation of all four tires of your off-road vehicle at once, saving time and ensuring equalised pressure on all four corners when you come off of the trail and are…
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Website Content Development

Amminst Technology will work with you to craft engaging website content that will communicate your key messages and keep users moving through your website. We will infuse content with key words and phrases to help optimize your website for optimal search engine rankings.


Wireframes are the stage in the website development process where we add more material on that site-map. During this phase, we will create a wireframe to illustrate the components and proposed content flow of the website. This is where Amminist Technology will show you how your website is taking shape.

Design Concepts

Once we have the information architecture finalized our designer gets to work on creating an engaging visual environment. Amminist Technology always creates website designs with your brand and target audiences in mind.

Website Development

Amminist Technology builds websites on a user-friendly content management system that makes it easy for you to update and maintain your site. Once the site is launched, we believe you shouldn’t have to come back to us or pay us for management or regular updates, although we are always happy to help in any way…
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Website Testing

After the production of your website is complete, Amminist Technology will release the fully functional site on a privately accessible server for beta testing. At this stage we will test the site to make sure its functioning properly and make sure that it looks great on major browsers and platforms, both desktop and mobil.

Website Training

You won’t believe how easy it is to manage and update your site when it’s done. Amminist Technology will provide you with all of the tools needed to manage and update the content and imagery on your website.